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Client Testimonials

"I met with Nick in early August to discuss my diet and options. My diet wasn't too terrible to start, but there were various roadblocks preventing me from weight loss and increased energy that I didn't realize were even there. Within ten weeks of making a few subtle changes and cutting out some food items my body didn't work well with anyway, I was able to successfully complete the race and also lose ten pounds and one pants size. Aside from the satisfaction of the results, I can say the best part was how easy it was to adjust to the change in my eating habits. I have a lot more energy, my craving for junk food have gone down immensely, and I even feel comfortable giving myself some wiggle room knowing that it won't break my eating habits. Looking forward to having Nick help me get through the holidays!" Ashley B.

“Until recently I ate really poorly. Breakfast would be coffee with milk, a donut and banana. Snacks where cookies, popcorn and chips. I knew my diet was bad, but figured it was okay because I worked out a lot. I knew I would eventually make a change, but in March of this year, 3 months before my wedding, I was finally ready to make that change. After meeting and discussing my diet with Nick, I realized I needed to cut out processed sugar and flour products and add more vegetables. It was difficult at first, but got a lot easier once I got use to it. I now have Greek yogurt with berries for breakfast and my snacks are veggies, fruit, nuts and cheese. Overall I have lost 10 pounds and have noticed an increase in my energy levels.  Brigid S.

“I’m 43 years old with three kids and I have finally found a diet that actually works for me and I enjoy. I’ve lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks and it seems to all be in my waist and belly. I’m down a size in jeans and am already looking at moving down again.

My weight has gone up and down 5-15 pounds over the last 15 years or so. The last three years or so, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t lose the weight. I couldn’t understand why diets just weren’t working for me.

The REAL Diet Program is simple, easy to follow and most of all EFFECTIVE. With Nick’s help I was able to easily plan out my meals, cooking many things ahead of time so that I didn’t have to think about it when it was time to eat. He has many recipes and shortcuts, which really helped out with my busy schedule. I have healthy, nutritious snacks ready to go so I don’t stare into the cupboards tempting myself. And he is always responsive when I have questions.

Unlike every other diet I have been on, I never had moments of feeling weak, never got headaches or felt run down. On the contrary, I’ve never had this much energy and I can easily make it from one meal to the next without feeling like I’m starving. I feel very satisfied at each meal and some days I don’t even realize it’s lunchtime!

Not only is this diet working for me, I can actually say it’s one I will stick with. I’m eating healthier than I ever have, I’m losing weight and I feel great. I would eagerly recommend this diet!”

Leslie C

“I was so excited to see the scale moving more! I feel better than I have in years. I thought it would be harder than it was but surprisingly it was pretty easy for me to do this. I'm not even worried about Easter and the fabulous deserts my mom makes. I'm going to bring my own!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this program with you. I will continue to eat clean and healthy and hopefully lose a lot more weight!”

Melissa P.

“This method has worked for me, while all others I've tried did not (Spark People, Weight Watchers). It took some initial adjustment (change always does), but it wasn't hard to follow after a couple of weeks. The core idea is to eliminate unnecessary carbs and eat healthy. The rest takes care of itself. Good ideas that work great are always simple.

This is the lowest weight I've been in 10 years. Thank you so much for this, it has changed my life.”

Tom S.
“The REAL Diet and Fitness Program was outstanding for me! I lost 13 pounds and it is continuing. I have been through a number of other programs (online and in person) but all concentrate on fitness OR diet and the REAL program taught me how to eat differently, act differently and how to sustain it long term. This program is not for someone who wants a quick fix. It is geared toward a life commitment to be the best you can be (and have fun in the process). I am so thankful to you for bringing this program to me and helping me get my head in the game. Your program has really motivated me to concentrate on the things I have control over and to make improvements in myself that I can only hope will last a lifetime!”
Lisa P.
“Prior to joining The REAL Diet and Fitness Program I had been in and out of Weight Watchers for a number of years, read books and magazine articles with some short-term success, but nothing long lasting. Actually through all of these programs I lost 25 pounds 8 times! What The REAL Program did was to help me understand the underlying principles of nutrition and exercise and how, when managed correctly, they will promote a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again for giving me the knowledge and inspiration to achieve my weight loss goal and the ability to live a healthy life. Your wise advice and counsel allowed me to lose over 15 pounds in three months!”
Tom D.
“Before I started the program I wasn’t doing any exercise, not sleeping enough and eating too much. Now I wake up early, eat better, walk home from work everyday and have more energy. People have been coming to tell me, Wow, you’ve lost weight! My whole family has been influenced and my life has definitely improved.”
Sonia T.
“Making the commitment to stick with the program for 12 weeks gave me time to replace some bad habits (emotional eating, ‘self-medicating’ with sugar, skipping lunch, late night eating) with healthier habits like snacking on fruits, veggies and protein. I eat more during the day so I don’t pig out at night and make better choices by planning ahead. Oh yeah. I lost 6lbs!”
Nancy C.
“The most important thing I learned during the program is that diet and exercise and losing weight are all about "mind over matter". I learned that having the right mental attitude is imperative for success. I was challenged in a whole new way and now I can face other challenges outside of diet and exercise with great confidence and hope. I believe this is the greatest thing that I am taking away from the program.”
Alesha G.