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Gluten and Grains (the controversy continues)

Have you jumped on the gluten-free band wagon? Have you ditched grains because of gluten, the carbs or the anti-nutrients? Just in time to add more confusion to the subject, two well-respected health and nutrition experts have come out on opposite sides of the debate.

Chris Kresser, author of Your Personal Paleo Code and The Paleo Cure wrote a recent article titled, When Gluten Free is Not a Fad. In it Kresser describes non-celiac gluten sensitivity and refutes some of the claims that NCGS doesn’t even exist. He also covers some of the symptoms and conditions associated with gluten sensitivity. He finishes the article by asking (and answering) the question, “Is removing grains from your diet dangerous?” He concludes that whole grains are not very nutrient dense when compared with meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. He adds that, “people on a gluten-free diet are more likely to increase their intake of essential nutrients if they replace flour products with whole foods.”

John Berardi, PhD, owner of the very successful Precision Nutrition Program wants to once and for all Settle the Great Grain Debate. This article provides an in-depth description of the various issues and controversies surrounding the consumptions of grains. These issues include inflammation, intestinal damage, gluten intolerance and obesity. Berardi says, “Grains provide a wide array of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients.” Well written and very informative.

Let me know if you’ve tried going gluten-free and what your experience has been.