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Quality of Exercises vs. Quantity of Exercises

"Which exercise should I be doing?" With all the information about which exercise is best for my ___________ (insert body part) it can seem difficult to decide what to do. Let's cut through the confusion and make it simple.

In many training programs time is wasted on unproductive exercises. Most men and women I work with want to "tone" their body. Let's stop right here and define what a toned body looks like. Many people don't know what toned means, even though they know it when they see it. "A toned body is one that has a reasonable amount of muscle placed in symmetrical proportion with a low enough percentage of body fat, so that those muscles are not covered up by the fat." (Barry O'Toole)

And the best way to achieve this look is with quality strength exercises and proper nutrition (I'll address nutrition in another post. Just remember you can't out exercise poor eating habits.) Resistance training, using free weights and your own body weight, is one of the most efficient and effective ways of toning up.

When selecting which exercises to perform, think "motions not muscles". Pushing, pulling and squatting. If you concentrate on these motions you will hit all the major muscle groups. Compound movements like chest / shoulder presses, rows and squats should be the main exercises in your program. Don't waste time training small muscles (i.e. biceps / triceps) with isolated movements. 

It's not how many exercises, but the quality of the exercises performed.

Exercise is cumulative so be consistent with your training. Your body will respond by becoming stronger and slimmer. You will have more energy and be more productive than ever. A daily investment of 30-60 minutes in your well-being will result in a longer more vital life.

Commit to becoming and staying fit. And the best time to make this commitment is NOW!

Sample workout  (10-12 reps x 3-5 sets)

  • Push-up

  • Squat

  • 1 arm row

  • Glute bridge

  • Plank / side plank (hold for 30 sec x 2)



Corporate Services

Nastasi Fitness Solutions provides hands-on corporate seminars and fitness / weight loss consulting. Seminars have been presented at Mass Eye and Ear, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Frescenius Medical Care, Vista Higher Learning and many other Boston area companies.

Would you like to help your employees make this year their best year? Does losing weight and feeling better sound like something they’d be interested in?

The R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness Program is a wellness program designed to empower each participant to achieve exceptional results by teaching that success is a personal responsibility. The program seeks to align attitude, mindset and self-image through the daily management of ones thoughts, feelings and actions in order to achieve weight loss and fitness goals. The keys to success - desire, action and persistence are presented in a motivating seminar that will have participants running out the door to live and love their life!

The R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness Program is intended to be a simple, sensible and straightforward approach to weight loss and exercise that will improve both the health and well-being of your company and it’s employees.

Lunch Time Seminars

We offer lunchtime seminars on a variety of health and fitness topics, including:

  • Designing an Exercise Program for Maximum Results

  • Essential Strategies for Maximum Weight Loss

  • Key Components to a Fit and Firm Body

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Back

  • Functional Fitness & Core Stability

  • Goal Setting “How to get what you really want.”

  • And many more!

Executive Personal Trainings

On-site or In-Home Personal Training can be arranged to give your executives a competitive edge. When your high-powered employees look and feel better, they will perform better. Whether in the boardroom or on the golf course, nothing exudes confidence more than a lean, fit and healthy body.

Design Consultation

Planning on building or refurbishing your corporate fitness facility? Have one of our fitness equipment specialists plan and design your gym. Choose from the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment selected to meet your companies needs and budget.

Contact us today and learn how healthy employees help to create a healthy corporate community and enhance your bottom-line


Personal Training Services

Home Training Saves Time and Money

Nastasi Fitness Solutions specializes working with the 40 – 60 + year old population in their home to improve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition (fat loss). Current clients include Boston area business executives, doctors, lawyers and stay at home moms.

NFS designs and implements highly effective exercise and nutrition programs with the objective of helping each of our clients reach his or her personal health and fitness goals. 

Whether it’s reducing body fat or increasing strength and vitality, Nastasi Fitness has the solution for you.

Consulting Services

Nastasi Fitness can provide both online and phone consultations for exercise program design and nutrition guidelines for weight loss.

Home Gym Set-up

NFS can help you with your home gym equipment selection. Get the right equipment for your needs and take advantage of the discount we receive on the top “health club” quality brands.

Contact us for more information



“What sets you apart is your willingness to really try to understand your clients. You approach each client as a unique project and tailor your advice... exercise routines to their needs rather than forcing them into your idea of a perfect workout. You are more than a personal trainer, you are a personal coach. You leave me feeling better about myself.” 

-- Regina P.

“One year ago I felt terrible about myself, mostly because of the self image that I had engraved in my mind. Now, thanks to your dedication to the profession of personal training, and your caring personality, I hold my head up high with confidence, and know that I look great because I worked my butt off!” 

-- Amanda R.

“He [Nick] is a skilled trainer who has the capacity to both motivate and mentor his clients. Nick’s instructions related to proprioception, strength training, flexibility, weight loss, and cardiovascular gains have been consistently clear. I am quite confident in asserting that the two years I have spent working with Nick have brought me significant gains in health awareness, bone mass, balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance.” 

-- Helen C.

“ I have lost over 14% of my body fat, exercise because I want to and really understand why I do the types of exercises I do. Needless to say, I am stronger, healthier, two sizes smaller and have a better self image. I owe that all to Nick.”

-- Jill D.


About Nick

Headshot-kids Nick Nastasi, LPTA, NSCA-PT, RKC has been in the health and fitness industry since 1997. He is a certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. He has worked in both a rehabilitation and fitness setting as a PTA, health club owner, fitness manager, master trainer and group exercise instructor. 

He is currently the owner of Nastasi Fitness Solutions. NFS specializes working with the 40 – 60 + year old population in their home to improve functional strength, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition (fat loss). His clients include Boston area business executives, doctors, lawyers and stay at home moms.

Nick has been married for over fifteen years to his wife Mariellen and has two children, Nicholas and Olivia.

Address: 53 Orchard Drive Stow, MA 01775


Tel: 617.515.2875


KB Bent Over Row


The R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness Mindset

nutrition and regular exercise start with the R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness mindset. If you are not getting
the results you want it may be in your head. In order for you to become
successful at sticking with a consistent exercise program and nutrition plan
you must change the way you think and what you believe.

“What you believe will
happen, happens.”

“If you want to change your
results, you must change your mindset.”

(James Arthur

Responsibility – You are responsible for your results.

Empowerment – Empower yourself to be exceptional.

Attitude – Your attitude will determine your actions

Live – Live your life without limits.

  • Our ability and willingness to discipline ourselves to accept personal responsibility
    for our life is essential to happiness, health and success. Accepting
    responsibility is one of the hardest disciplines, but without it, success is
    impossible. Once we take responsibility, we can create the life we want.

  • We must empower ourselves. It’s not motivation that helps us
    succeed. It’s inspiration! And that comes from within. If we can become
    inspired to achieve a goal we will find all the motivation we need.

  • Our attitude must change if we want to produce dramatic and
    permanent results. We have to change the way we think, feel and believe. Unless
    there is a shift in our mindset, our emotions and our beliefs, any change or
    improvement will be minimal or short term.

  • We must realize that we have the ability to live our lives to
    order. Our limitations, for the most part, are self-imposed.

“Our only limitations are
those we set up in our own mind.”

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