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The Right Moment

When I was in my twenties, I used to buy fancy socks to match my best outfits. I had dozens of pairs in all different colors and patterns. Somehow I never found the right moment to wear the clothes, so I never wore the socks. I eventually had to throw the socks away because the elastic broke down from age. I’m now in my fifties and I’m sitting here looking at my whisky collection and pontificating over whether “now” is the right moment to open that special bottle. What am I waiting for? A special occasion? The perfect person to share it with? Both legitimate reasons to wait, but what if the special occasion or perfect person never comes along. What if I die tomorrow? I’ve heard stories of widows selling or giving away their dead husband’s collection. Why can’t a random Tuesday night at 5:00 be the right moment?

When it comes to losing weight or beginning an exercise program, when is the right time to start? Do we need to have a special occasion to attend or the perfect program to follow? Does it need to be January 1st? Is it when we get fed up with the way we look or feel? All legitimate reasons, but what if our lack of action causes us real health problems like diabetes or heart disease. Is it then finally the right time? Why can’t a random Tuesday morning at 5:00 be the day we go for a walk or eat real food for breakfast instead of processed cereal?

Sorry, but I don’t have answers to these questions. We all have different reasons for wanting to pop the cork, lose weight or get in shape. For me, I’ve made the decision to do what I can to maintain my health. I just don’t want to be too late in opening up that 50-year-old bottle I’ve been saving! 

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