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One Destination - Many ways to get there

If you where planning to travel from Boston to New York City you would have many safe and reliable options for getting there. You could drive, take a bus or train or fly. How you chose to travel would be based on personal preference, time and finances.

If you want to improve your health or lose weight with diet and exercise, the same is true – you have many safe and reliable options. How you choose to achieve better health or weight loss will also be based on personal preferences, time and finances, but will need to include a few others. Your unique genetics, metabolism and age should be considered. The status of your health (i.e. do you have diabetes, heart disease, etc.), how much weight you have to lose and any physical limitations you have, will play a significant role in the option you choose.

Paleo, plant-based, and low carb diets can all be safe and effective nutritional approaches to better health and weight loss. Lifting weights, yoga and walking are all great ways to exercise. The question is, “which are the best options for YOU?”

If a juicy steak with a side of broccoli makes your mouth water, then a Paleo or lower carbohydrate diet might be right for you. If on the other hand you crave big salads and piles of vegetables with modest amounts of low-fat proteins like chicken and fish, a more plant-based diet may be the way to go. Even if you have significant weight to lose or are dealing with a health condition, either approach can work. You would just need to change the ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Whatever the best individual dietary approach turns out to be, it should be done within the context of eating whole unprocessed foods, minimizing added sugar and avoiding unnatural man-made fats. Your nutrition plan must also be one you can sustain! 

As you and I age, maintaining muscle mass is vitally important for bone density and metabolism. Therefore it is imperative that we perform some type of exercise. Resistance training can run the gamete from body-weight exercises to strength-based yoga and Pilates to weight lifting. Endurance exercise options include walking, cycling, swimming and running. Whichever forms of exercise you choose to do, just remember to consider your current fitness level and ability. Above all, make it enjoyable!

Check out some great recipes and exercise videos!


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