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Melt Fat and Flatten Your Belly!

Are you ready for the New Year’s onslaught of weight loss plans, diet products and exercise devices? Popular media advertisement will soon bombard us; along with infomercials and Internet gurus trying to convince us there are magic pills and specials programs to ‘Melt Fat and Flatten Your Belly!’ Most people know when something is a complete hoax, but many intelligent folks, including myself, have fallen prey to the lure of quick results and great marketing tactics.

I am also here to warn you of another hoax. One perpetrated by the medical profession and our government for the last 30+ years. They continue to tell us a low fat / low calorie diet coupled with increased exercise is the best treatment for obesity. Meanwhile the rate of obesity (and all its complications) have sky rocketed.

We’ve heard the message, “Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat and saturated fat.” I agree people should eat more vegetables and fruit, but high quality protein and the essential nutrient – fat? Protein and fat are extremely satiating, not to mention absolutely necessary for optimal health. Not including sufficient amounts of either in your diet necessitates the discipline to live with constant hunger while depriving your body of essential and required nutrients. You can only hold out for so long and then wham! You just can’t take it, give in, and then blame yourself. What I’ve found is probably what you’ve experienced – unsatisfactory results, displeasure with food choices and lack of long-term compliance – not exactly a recipe for success. Obesity statistics and research confirm these plans have not and will not work in the long run.

I am sure you or someone you know has experienced success following this advice. I would argue the weight loss occurred in spite of and not because of these recommendations. These diets only address a symptom (obesity) and ignore the reasons why people gain weight.

Weight loss is not a simple matter of calories in vs. calories out. It has more to do with how the different macronutrients affect your body’s biochemistry than it does the amount of food consumed. Two-thirds of the people in this country are not overweight or obese because they eat too much and exercise too little. They have a metabolic disturbance most likely caused by the over consumption of processed carbohydrates, added sugar and unnatural fats. Eating less and exercising more is at best a temporary solution and not a long-term plan.

There are no magic fat loss formulas or exercise routines. Certain strategies work well for some people and not so well for others. There are individual genetic differences, body types, personal and socio-economical situations to consider. All will play a role in designing the most appropriate program for you to achieve the best outcome. And who will design your ultimate program? You will! And I will teach you how. It will be a program you can follow for a lifetime because it will be customized by you to fit you.

In a series of post over the next few months I will present practical advice on how to optimize your health, manage your weight and get fit by eating real food and exercising smarter. Stay tuned and happy holidays! 

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