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FAQ > FAQ > Can I snack?

If you’re talking about sugary desserts or junk food, it depends. Some people can and others cannot. For many, once they go ‘off the rails’ they can’t get back on. If you fall into this category, it’s best to avoid desserts and junk food. Even if you are able to eat them and maintain control, they should be consumed on a very infrequent basis. These foods will undermine your good intentions and in the end it’s just not worth it. By following this program you will (in time) lose your desire for sweets and junk food.

You can certainly ‘snack’ on the program and most people do well with 1 – 2 snacks per day, although they are not necessary. By eating the correct balance of nutrients (protein, fat, carbs) along with sufficient calories to control appetite and blood sugar, you should find yourself less hungry between meals and not needing to snack all that often. Everyone is different so you’ll need to fine-tune what works best for you.