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Corporate Seminars / Wellness Programs

As a nutrition consultant and personal trainer, I work with companies to provide their busy employees simple and sustainable strategies for taking charge of their health.

A healthy workforce means

  • More productivity
  • Leaner fitter sharp thinking employees
  • Lower healthcare cost
  • Decrease in on-the-job injuries
  • Less absenteeism

Seminar topics include:

  • The Myths and Misconceptions of Weight Loss
  • Getting Fit Made Simple
  • The Sitting Solution
  • Sugar Detox

Wellness Programs include:

  • Onsite fitness class
  • Personal training
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Wellness seminars
“Before I started the program I wasn’t doing any exercise, not sleeping enough and eating too much. Now I wake up early, eat better, walk home from work everyday and have more energy. People have been coming to tell me, Wow, you’ve lost weight! My whole family has been influenced and my life has definitely improved.”
Sonia T. (lost 6.5 lbs)
“Making the commitment to stick with the program for 12 weeks gave me time to replace some bad habits (emotional eating, ‘self-medicating’ with sugar, skipping lunch, late night eating) with healthier habits like snacking on fruits, veggies and protein. I eat more during the day so I don’t pig out at night and make better choices by planning ahead. Oh yeah. I lost 6lbs!”
Nancy C.
“The most important thing I learned during the program is that diet and exercise and losing weight are all about "mind over matter". I learned that having the right mental attitude is imperative for success. I was challenged in a whole new way and now I can face other challenges outside of diet and exercise with great confidence and hope. I believe this is the greatest thing that I am taking away from the program.”
Alesha G. (lost 5 lbs)
“The R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness Program was outstanding for me! I lost 13 pounds and it is continuing. I have been through a number of other programs (online and in person) but all concentrate on fitness OR diet and the R.E.A.L. program taught me how to eat differently, act differently and how to sustain it long term. This program is not for someone who wants a quick fix. It is geared toward a life commitment to be the best you can be (and have fun in the process). I am so thankful to you for bringing this program to me and helping me get my head in the game. Your program has really motivated me to concentrate on the things I have control over and to make improvements in myself that I can only hope will last a lifetime!”
Lisa P.
“Prior to joining The R.E.A.L. Diet and Fitness Program I had been in and out of Weight Watchers for a number of years, read books and magazine articles with some short-term success, but nothing long lasting. Actually through all of these programs I lost 25 pounds 8 times! What The R.E.A.L. Program did was to help me understand the underlying principles of nutrition and exercise and how, when managed correctly, they will promote a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again for giving me the knowledge and inspiration to achieve my weight loss goal and the ability to live a healthy life. Your wise advice and counsel allowed me to lose over 15 pounds in three months!”
Tom D.
“I found the program was a helpful way to make thinking about nutrition and fitness a priority. Having that 12-week period with weekly check-ins meant that you never get too far off track before having to sit down and actively think about what you've done.”
Katie w. (lost 12,5 lbs)