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My name is Nick Nastasi and I have been in the health and fitness industry since 1997. I am a certified nutrition consultant, a certified personal trainer and a licensed physical therapist assistant. I have worked in both rehabilitation and fitness as a PTA, health club owner, fitness manager, master trainer and group exercise instructor. 

I specialize in working with the 40 – 70 year old population to lose weight, increase strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. My clients include Boston area business executives, doctors, and lawyers and stay at home moms.

My Story

My interest in nutrition began when my personal training clients struggled to lose weight, despite following the FDA recommended diet and exercising regularly. I had spent years studying the mainstream recommendations for optimal nutrition and exercise. I followed the same low fat diet and exercise regime I recommended to my clients. But despite following the advice put forth by leading doctors, dieticians and government agencies, I suffered from several GI related issues, had aching joints, couldn't regulate my blood sugar and was constantly hungry.

Frustrated by the lack of progress my clients were experiencing and determined to find a solution to my GI problems I began looking at various alternative nutrition and exercise protocols. This led me on a five-year journey in which time I discovered how eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet and exercising less could transform health and improve fitness.

As a holistic nutrition consultant and certified personal trainer, I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all diet or exercise program. I believe we each have individual genetic differences and metabolisms. What works for me might not work for you, and something entirely different may work better for your friend or partner. These differences play a significant role in designing the best program each of us should follow to achieve our best results.

I don’t believe in counting calories or spending hours on the treadmill. These aren’t things I’d be willing to do, so I’d never ask a client to do them.

I believe our bodies tell us when something is wrong. If your body is asking for something through a craving, a health complaint or by storing fat, then together, our job is to figure out what your body is asking for and how to respond appropriately.

While I don’t believe that one diet or exercise program works for everyone, I do believe we all need to eat nutrient dense whole food and engage in regular physical activity. Real unprocessed food contains all the essential nutrition our bodies need and movement keeps us looking and feeling good. And the great part is preparing healthy meals and exercising can be done quickly and quite simply. This is what I specialize in. Making it simple.

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